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>Hi, all:
>For a long time, I've been offline or busy with other problems. Now,
>our daughter, not a scientist, asks me for a short and simple, easily
>understandable overview of the evidence that it is human activity
>which produces problems for earth's climate and global warming (she
>came across a claim that cold/warm cycles and ice ages are due to the
>excentricity of the earth's orbit, and that therefore modern
>technology has nothing to do with it).

I have been on this forum for several years now and have seen the
debate between at least one person and everyone else regarding global
warming - real or not?

Forgive me if I am wrong here but I am not sure that the issue really
is whether the globe is warming or not. Dr. Peterīs request on behalf
of his daughter highlights this.

In a nutshell he asks, Ļis (it) human activity which produces problems
for earth's climate...Ļ

Does the global climate change periodically over time due to a number
of normal and natural processes? Of course. Does human activities
impact the environment? Of course.

We know from history that our actions alter the environment and
therefore impact climate. Chop all the trees down around a river and
see what happens. Historians and farmers can testify to the impact on
local environments that human activities have (never mind scientists).
Now if it is only a few people in a small area can do this what happens
when 6+ billion people are doing it globally?

I apologize for taking my time getting to the point, but my point is
this. Things are changing across the globe climatically. If you have
been on this planet for 20+ years you can see it for yourself. Is it
primarily the result of human action? Is it primarily the result of
normal shifts that take place every few century or millenia? Short or
long term?

The answer does not really matter. Things are changing. It will impact
us. Our actions on the environment, even if not a primary cause, will
not help. We need to prepare for those changes and mitigate them as
much as possible by changing/reducing our negative impact on said

Is there global warming? It doesnīt matter. The climate is in a state
of flux and that will bring with it negative consequences that we will
only worsen if we do not remedy our interactions with the environment.


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