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I am glad you noticed that Alexanian is a competent physicist. I am competent in geology and
I don't find him quite as nonsensical in his statements on geology and evolution. He might well be
young earth, but it is hardly fair to decide that on the basis of his membership in a group. If I determined what your positions were on the basis of your affiliation with the Anglican church or some of its liberal theologians (not all are) I would probably be wrong.

Actually I sometimes appreciate Alexanian sticking with us and offering a counterbalance to some that arbitrarily dismiss all YEC or ID. The ASA tent is broader and should be then TE.

PS If you respond to this post PLEASE, PLEASE don't just do a reply all or if you do remove my name so I don't get double posts.

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>>> On 8/21/2007 at 4:01 PM, in message
<>, "Michael Roberts"
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> It seems that I have offended St Iain, the upright example of moral rectitude 
> again. please don't be such a prig.
> I am well aware that Alexanian is a competent physicist, but he talks 
> absolute nonsense over geology and evolution basically dismissing them as 
> non-science. He takes no notice of anyone who questions his gross (and 
> deliberate?) misunderstandings and carries on making the same silly comments, 
> and has done for years. After making my last post I followed up his website 
> and as well as finding a fine list of publications in physics, comparable to 
> my father who was a biochemist, it also referred to his membership of the 
> Earth History Research Center. I looked at some of the articles and they were 
> typical YEC misunderstanding of geology and lots of make-believe alternatives 
> to geology. It is the same old stuff which has been criticised time and time 
> again but some Christians want to make the Gospel seem absurd. As a Professor 
> of Physics he should have both some understanding and respect for other 
> sciences. Were I to make equally silly and snide comments about the 
> non-scientific nature of physics or chemistry I am sure that many would 
> rightfully challenge me. (George would have a field day for a start!)
> Yes we can disagree and should normally be respectful, but there are times 
> when some present such nonsense that one cannot disagree respectfully.
> I shall say 37 Hail Iains and beat my breast
> Michael
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>   I was going to add that for a vicar (albeit one with scientific 
> qualifications)  to ask a Professor of Physics to learn something about 
> science seems a bit presumptuous.
>   Perhaps Michael should learn a little about the art of "respectfully 
> disagreeing"? 
>   As I've stated before, I'm sure, Michael's predilection for making nasty 
> sniping comments at people he disagrees with is, in my opinion at  totally 
> unacceptable.  I only keep Michael out of my Trash filter (which currently 
> has two members) because he occasionally makes useful comments when he can 
> resist the temptation to be vicious. 
>   Iain
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