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From: Peter Ruest <paraske@aneste.ch>
Date: Wed Aug 22 2007 - 11:31:07 EDT

Hi, all:

For a long time, I've been offline or busy with other problems. Now, our
daughter, not a scientist, asks me for a short and simple, easily
understandable overview of the evidence that it is human activity which
produces problems for earth's climate and global warming (she came
across a claim that cold/warm cycles and ice ages are due to the
excentricity of the earth's orbit, and that therefore modern technology
has nothing to do with it). I'm sure the speciaists among you could
recommend reams of literature. But is there a short, simple few-pages
article giving some basic understanding to a non-specialist? It should
indicate the relative relevance of the various influences considered. It
may be in English, which she reads well.


Dr. Peter Ruest, CH-3148 Lanzenhaeusern, Switzerland
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