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From: David Buller <>
Date: Tue Aug 21 2007 - 19:00:41 EDT

I always find it amusing when antievolutionists state or imply (as they
nearly all do) that it would be "humilating" to be related to a primate,
while their literalistic reading of Genesis leads them to believe that they
are related to dirt or slime.

Quite interesting.

-David Buller

On 8/21/07, John Burgeson (Burgy) <> wrote:
> Date: August 21, 2007
> By: Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.
> From: Solving Light Books
> Call Darwinists 'Slime-Snake-Monkey-People' Author Urges Christians
> Merited Ridicule May Shame Them into Accepting Evidence in Greek Art for
> Genesis Events
> ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, August 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Solving Light Books
> announced today the release of Robert Bowie Johnson Jr.'s new book, "Noah in
> Ancient Greek Art," featuring 27 ancient images of the Greek version of
> Noah. The book details Noah's role in Greek art as a known historical figure
> in relation to whom the artists were able to depict, and boast of, the rapid
> growth of their contrary spiritual outlook, exalting man, instead of God, as
> the measure of all things.
> In his previous book, "The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble" (a
> 288-page hardback now translated into Greek and French), Mr. Johnson
> presents abundant evidence that ancient Greek art preserves a record of
> humanity's origins matching the Genesis account, but from an opposite
> viewpoint- that the serpent enlightened, rather than deluded, the first
> couple in paradise.
> "In Greek art, we find detailed, consistent portrayals of the early
> Genesis themes including: the ancient garden, the serpent-entwined apple
> tree, the first family, Cain killing Abel, the Flood, and the successful
> rebellion against Noah after the Flood. Greek artists made the gods look
> just like people because that's who they were-our ancestors. Socrates
> himself referred to the gods as such," Mr. Johnson said.
> The author devotes the final section of his new book to explaining why
> mainstream scientists, academics, and journalists remain oblivious to the
> true significance of Greek art. "Their ruling paradigm is Darwinism, a
> closed-minded, anti-Creator mindset which compels them to ignore or deny any
> evidence which tends to validate the Book of Genesis. Viewing Greek art as
> what it truly represents-human history- painfully contradicts their pompous
> evolutionist speculation. That's why they must blindly insist that ancient
> Greek vase-painters and sculptors spent their entire lives portraying
> nothing more than myths," Mr. Johnson stated.
> To shock the Darwinists out of their denial of the overwhelming evidence
> in Greek art for the reality of Genesis events, the author urges
> Creationists to refer to evolutionists as what they imagine they are-"Slime-
> Snake-Monkey-People." Mr. Johnson, who holds a general science degree from
> West Point, also suggests that since Slime-Snake-Monkey-People insist they
> evolved over millions of years through a countless series of random
> mutations, Christians should also refer to them as "mutants."
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