Re: [asa] Tough question for TEs

From: Brent Foster <>
Date: Tue Aug 21 2007 - 11:07:45 EDT

Thank you a ll for the responses. BTW I don't want to imply for a second that I con't believe in or am questioning the fact of the resurrection. I'm just trying to understand the theological need.

I get the impression that most of the folks here see physical death as at least a partial consequence of sin. Is there anybody here that thinks physical death has nothing to do with sin?

---- "D. F. Siemens wrote:


Have you noted that Adam apparently could have lived forever, even in a
fallen state? The pair were therefore separated from the tree of life.
But if this is mythos rather than history, there is a completely
different interpretation required.
Dave (ASA)

I would rather characterize it as allegory, with real spiritual truth. I guess that might qualify as mytholgy. In a spiritual interpretation of this passage the Tree of Life is the same as the tree that appears in the new Jerusalem. It is symbolic of Christ and his blessings. Sin separates us from the tree of life. And it appears to be significant that Adam had to be forcefully barred access to it. Spiritual life that is. I don't think that mankind would magically attain physical immortality if he had access to the tree. But again I'm no theologian :)


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