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the new enemy of

> Even the examples promoted by Wells of
> purportedly bad evolutionary science do not hold up well. The
> peppered moth example remains a perfectly good example of
> microevolution. If Wells doesn't like using a posed photo of moths,
> he should go into the woods and try to locate a light and a dark moth
> (one of which will be hard to see and the other very likely to get
> caught by a visual predator before you can get a picture) adjacent to
> each other on a tree, positioned suitable for a good photo.

I find this argument about fraudulent use of photos of the peppered moth
morally very disturbing.

Where I lived in N Wales PMs were relatively common and I went out at night
to moth-watch and succeeded in seeing one peppered moth over a few weeks.
Just imagine the length of time needed to actually photograph a light and
then a dark PM (PvM!) alight first on a clean tree then a dirty one , which
would have to be in different places, eg one in the centre of Liverpool or
Birmingham and one 60 miles away.

These were simply posed photos to make the point. Those who call them
fraudulent are making a false accusation and are thus devoid of Christian
morality as they refuse to retract their accusations.

A clear example where ID puts itself on the wrong side of the moral fence,
unless of course it is right to tell lies for the Kingdom of God


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