[asa] Tough question for TEs

From: Brent Foster <bdffoster@charter.net>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 14:15:17 EDT

I ask this because I see questions like this as likely in an upcoming Bible study class on Genesis. Particularly since we just finished one on John!

As a card-carrying TE, I see the fall as a spiritual event. Adam's sin resulted in death. It brought death into the world where there was none before. Spiritual death that is. As Paul said (paraphrased), just as the sin of one man (Adam) brought death into the world, so the ritgheous life of another man (Jesus) brought life back to the world. Spiritual life that is. Physical life was obviously already in the world, just as physical death was already in Adam's world. The curse is spiritual and is on mankind and all the ground that mankind touches. We are all Adam's spiritual offspring when we follow after him by sinning. And we are all Abraham's spiritual offspring when we have faith in Christ. Faith in Christ saves us from the consequences of sin, death. Spiritual death that is. We still suffer physical death. If physical death were a consequence of sin, then Christ's work on the cross is incomplete, because we still suffer the consequence of sin. Some would say the comming !
 ressurrection removes this consequence of sin. But all will be ressurrected including unbelievers, as Daniel said, some to everlasting glory and some to everlasting shame and contempt. And ressurrection doesn't erase the fact of death. If it did, it would erase the fact of Jesus' death.

So why is a ressurrection necessary if physical death is not the concequence of sin? Those who see physical death as a consequence of sin see the ressurection as the reversal of the consequences of sin.

I'm no Bible scholar, but in my view of the atonement, it really is necessary to have a real Jesus who really lived a sinnless life and died and suffered separation from God (spiritual death) to pay for our sins. But is the ressurrection necessary for atonement? Is it necessary demonstrate victory over the grave if the grave is not a consequence of sin?


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