[asa] What is life?

From: Christine Smith <christine_mb_smith@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2007 - 09:01:52 EDT

I found this article
in the Houston Chronicle very interesting,
particularly some of the following quotes:

"We are doing things which were thought to be the
province, in some quarters, of God — like making new
forms of life," Bedau said in a phone interview from
Venice. "Life is very powerful, and if we can get it
to do what we want ... there are all kinds of good
things that can be done."

On its face, this seems to me to be
unethical--creating new life forms so we can make it
do what we want? Sounds like we're on a power trip?
Isn't the value of life not found in its utility
(although every lifeform does something useful), but
in its very being/existence?

"Playing God is a good thing to do as long as you're
doing it responsibly," he said."

Is it? And if so, can humans conceivably be trusted to
do it "responsibly", given our belief that humanity is
sinful by nature? Should we avoid pushing this
envelope of R & D until our wisdom and/or laws has a
chance to catch up with our knowledge?

Just some questions off the top of my head--back to
work for me!

In Christ,

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