Re: [asa] Theological Perspectives Without a Literal Adam

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Date: Sun Aug 19 2007 - 22:04:04 EDT

Hi Dave,

if you and I could have answered these questions at the beginning then thousands of years of theologians arguing could have been averted! ;)

Here is a link in Theopedia that describes three views on the imputation of Adam's sin.? I was describing the?Augustinian view because it was relevant to what David O. was asking.? You are describing a version of the Federal view.'s_sin

Also it's probably worth mentionng that in both the Augustinian and Federal views, there are actually **two** ways that Adam's sin affected us, and you are describing only the first of these two ways.? You described the "original sin" that ruins our character.? The other way Adam's sin affects us according to theologians who hold to either of these views is that it is imputed to us legally by God so that we are held as guilty for Adam's sin.? We aren't held guilty for all of Adam's sins; only for the first sin in which he was acting as our representative.

I have no doubt there are variants of the Federal view that deny the judicial imputation of Adam's sin, but I believe it is correct theology.


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