Re: [asa] Shocking revelations from Texas

From: PvM <>
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 22:20:21 EDT

That's like blaming gravity proponents of being intolerant towards
religious beliefs.

As far as exclusion of religion from schools, any thoughts on the case
in Odessa Texas?

Seems like another Dover with the same silly behavior by the school
board and other officials.

See the ACLU complaint at

The cast of this melodrama includes


ECISD trustee L.V. "Butch" Foreman III said he didn't understand how
the parents could have an argument in the case if none had children
taking the classes.

"If they don't have children in the class, they can kiss my butt,"
Foreman said. "They're just looking to impose their beliefs and their
views on everybody, and we don't put up with that crap out here."


After the board voted to adopt the NCBCPS curriculum and create a
course that the Texas ACLU's Lisa Graybill called "basically a Sunday
School class within the walls of a public school" the district's
curriculum director exclaimed in an e-mail,

    YES, WE ARE USING NCBCPS :) :) :)! HA! Take that you dang heathens!

On 8/15/07, David Campbell <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, such antievolutionary nonsense will resonate well with
> religious voters as long as evolution advocates condone equally
> intolerant anti-religious agendas. He's no more exclusive of
> alternative views than many championing the exclusion of religion from
> schools.
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