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From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 16:39:09 EDT

Dear Vernon,

In a previous post you asked:

Thanks for these observations, Iain. However, you keep referring to
my associating the non-acceptance of my findings with some acute form of
'wickedness' in the person concerned. I don't believe I've ever suggested
that; it is most certainly completely foreign to my thinking. Possibly you
have in mind something that I've expressed badly somewhere along the line?

Well right here in your new web page is the kind of thing I meant:

You wrote in "The Anatomy of a Miracle":

   - *That there is a potentially fatal flaw in man's mental faculties!*

 It manifests itself here as an immediate and adverse reaction to objective
evidence that glorifies God, and is not detectable by the normal
investigative techniques of psychology; invariably, its effect is to cause
mankind to construct and live in a world of make-believe; to suppress
questions relating to the deepest issues of life; and, at any price, to
avoid facing up to the truth concerning the 'How?' and the 'Why?' of

In other words, (or so it seems to me) you seem to be saying that anyone who
doesn't accept your claim of a "standing miracle" is mentally defective, and
those of us trying to do objective science are living in a world of
make-believe. I do think that most people on this list who read that
paragraph are going to find it pretty insulting. You've got to accept that
the reason people question your findings is because they are scientists &
that's what scientists do, and you have to be prepared to respond to
criticisms and questions rather than just make out that anyone who can't see
it as a miracle must have a mental deficiency.


On 8/14/07, Vernon Jenkins <> wrote:
> Forum,
> There is the suggestion in some quarters that while the 'standing
> miracle' of Genesis 1:1 may well be accepted as a communication from our
> Creator - specifically intended to target this generation - its content is
> indeterminate. My own view is that the information delivered is clear
> enough - as I explain in "The Message of the Miracle" -
> Vernon

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