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From: Merv <>
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 00:09:28 EDT

I don't know what sources they might have claimed for that precision --
I'd be interested in the answer as well. But it does bear a resemblance
to the error of high school science students giving their lab results by
automatically using all the digits of the calculator display (--this
apparently makes the answer look 'more scientific') even though a meter
stick or bathroom scale yielding at most three significant figures was
used somewhere along the way. Maybe historians or archaeologists have
been prone to an equivalent error of precision? 1586 BC sounds so
much more authoritative than 'somewhere around 16 centuries BC'. Or
the creation of the earth -- 4004 BC October 24th 9:30 am
(assuming the last zero isn't significant, at least Lightfoot still left
a range of +/- 5 minutes for wiggle room!)


David Campbell wrote:
> I'm just wondering what might have been available in the 1860's or
> early 1870's purporting to give the exact year for all Biblical
> events. Every story has a heading like 1586 BC. I'm also not certain
> why that information was thought important for a simplified (intended
> for children or the uneducated) account.

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