Re: [asa] Global Warming 'Deniers' Article 'Highly Contrived' per Newsweek Editor

From: PvM <>
Date: Mon Aug 13 2007 - 12:45:16 EDT

Note how janice still seems confused about the difference between US
and global data

...The five warmest years since the late 1880s, according to NASA
scientists, are in descending order 2005, 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2006.
Credit: NASA

Other groups that study climate change also rank these years as among
the warmest, though the exact rankings vary depending upon details of
the analyses. Results differ especially in regions of sparse
measurements, where scientists use alternative methods of estimating
temperature change.


To which she 'responds'

Matchett: It's a report made that doesn't reflect current data. It
should be taken down.

Worse, people at the 'Freerepublic' seem to fail to understand how
science works. It's sad to see how the US trails so many countries in
understanding of science.

On 8/13/07, PvM <> wrote:
> Still much ado about nothing. How sad.

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