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Sounds like Dover all over again.

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> <quote>"This recording makes clear the very real danger that Texas
> schoolchildren may soon be learning more about the religious beliefs
> of politicians than about sound science in their biology classes," TFN
> President Kathy Miller said today. "Even worse, it appears that Don
> McLeroy believes anyone who disagrees with him can't be a true
> Christian."</quote>
> and
> <quote>
> At one point during the lecture, McLeroy clearly tied "intelligent
> design" a religious-based concept billed by supporters as an
> alternative to the scientific theory of evolution to Biblical
> creationism:
> "Why is 'intelligent design' the big tent? Because we're all lined up
> against the fact that naturalism, that nature is all there is. Whether
> you're a progressive creationist, recent creationist, young earth, old
> earth, it's all in the tent of 'intelligent design.'" (6:10 mark on
> recording)
> McLeroy recounted the controversy over teaching evolution during the
> State Board of Education's adoption of new biology textbooks in 2003.
> McLeroy was one of only four members on the 15-member panel who voted
> to reject the textbooks. Those four members argued that the textbooks
> failed to discuss what they called the "weaknesses" of evolutionary
> theory. They were backed by the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based
> organization that opposes evolution and promotes "intelligent design"
> as an alternative. McLeroy said:
> "It was only the four really conservative, orthodox Christians on the
> board [who] were willing to stand up to the textbooks and say they
> don't present the weaknesses of evolution. Amazing." (8:15 mark on
> recording)
> </quote>
> Surely there must be some/many Christians who would be outraged by
> these statements, although perhaps not surprised.
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