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This search for exact dates is a doomed enterprise. Ussher was a good
attempt published in 1656 and his dates after 1000BC are reasonably good but
before that depended on various assumptions.

If you look at conservative chronologies as in the New Bible Dictionary or
the recent IVPDictionaries of the OT it gives chronologies .

Thus the divergence over Moses is clear i.e between 1550 and 1250 with
another peak at c1350. . The 1550 date is favoured by AIG and other Ussher
loyalists, though Ussher was a most liberal scholar!

As for Job how can you give a date to a non-historical character? Unless of
course that you believe Satan walked to and fro on the earth!!!!

These ultra-conservative answers in fact raise questions over the
historicity of the OT.

Exact dates are a chimera and anyway we don't know the exact date Jesus was

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>> What do you mean by exact dates?
> This book gives the calendar year for every pictured Biblical event.
> I know that modern archaeology is able to pin down several events
> fairly well, but many things mentioned in the Bible are not readily
> connected to these fixed points, and that the precision typically
> declines with age. For example, I know of no reason to be able to
> give an exact year for Job's misfortunes, but this book gives the
> exact year.
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