Re: [asa] Designed Kangaroos?

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Thu Aug 09 2007 - 18:16:32 EDT

On 8/9/07, Vernon Jenkins <> wrote:
> Thanks for these observations, Iain. However, you keep referring to
> my associating the non-acceptance of my findings with some acute form of
> 'wickedness' in the person concerned. I don't believe I've ever suggested
> that; it is most certainly completely foreign to my thinking. Possibly you
> have in mind something that I've expressed badly somewhere along the line?
> Regards,
> Vernon


I think you have made several implications along these lines - along the
lines of saying that people don't accept miracles when placed before their
eyes, and this being related to the fact that we are enemies of God. True
enough in general, but when it's used directly to chide people on the list
for not accepting your findings, then it seems just plain arrogant. A
typical post is this:

Roger, I believe the foregoing is particularly apposite to my thesis, for I
am struck by the glaring omissions in the armour of fellow Christians on
this list. For example, those who refuse to examine the evidence that
supports my claims clearly have no interest in buckling on the 'belt of

I think most people on the list would have found this downright insulting,
to be perfectly frank.

Michael Roberts a few threads later (actually having a go at me) stated:

Vernon's misuse of Ephesians 6 to gain the high moral ground by insinuating
that us wicked "TEs" who dont accept numbers games on the bible are under
the spell of Satan your concern should be with his continual refusal to
respect the sincere Christian faith of others -even if he thinks others
wrong. ( )

Michael here as of course done a ludicrous and unfair exaggeration ( "under
the spell of Satan")., and of course I'm sure you never implied that - it is
just Michael's habit to employ vicious satire, and as you're aware, I've
often challenged him over it - to absolutely no avail. However I think
he's right that you don't respect the sincere faith of others. You point to
"glaring omissions" in their armour, and suggest that these omissions would
be made good by accepting your number theories. That's the kind of moral
blackmail that I'm referring to. You have to establish by principled
scientific discussion, and willingness to respond reasonably to criticism,
that the phenomenon is genuine and not coincidence, and not to go at it
hammer and tongs suggesting a deficiency in other peoples' faith because
they don't accept what you say.



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