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Date: Wed Aug 08 2007 - 19:50:22 EDT

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Tanggal Wed, 8 Aug 2007 22:18:26 +0100 Penulis "Vernon Jenkins"
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Designed Kangaroos? seperti tertera di bawah ini:

>Dear Iain,
>It gives me no pleasure to know that you feel so badly about an
>amicable association so abruptly terminated by some critical and hasty
>remarks of mine. I greatly regret that things have turned out the way
>they have, and dearly wish it were otherwise.

I am not the Iain you are writing to but I am Iain as well. I have
followed this thread in its´ entirety and want to add a few things.

I am very much a layman, more of a philosopher than a scientist. I want
to revisit a point Iain (it sounds like I am talking about myself inn
the 3rd person!) made before.

In essence the average layman is not going to have the understanding of
or interest in numbers/maths to find your ¨discovery¨ useful or
practical. Further, there is enough ¨evidence¨ of pattern in other
things that if that is what takes for a person to believe they will
find it in easier and more accessible sources.

I am not saying this as a personal attack, merely an observation.

I know that many non-believers have been inured to proofs of this
nature given the amount of literature over the years from well meaning
Christians using obtuse and obscure proofs for God´s hand in the world.

It may well be that someone somwhere finds your work valuable. I
definitely find it intriguing but I am far from convinced. Even if it
turned out to be accurate it would not convince most people.

If it turned out to be accurate or was conclusively demonstrated to be
true I would personally view it as not a strong argument for God but
just more evidence of God´s complexity and interaction with the human
world. Just another (not terribly valuable from an
evangelists viewpoint) fingerprint among many.


Iain W
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