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From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 12:17:32 EDT


You write,

As a matter of fact, a few years back when I first came across your findings, I DID present them to an atheist colleague. They had precisely no effect. He argued that

(1) Human beings are good at spotting patterns even in random sequences.
(2) Even given the sequence is deliberate, it could have been achieved (in his opinion) by a genius working on the first sentence for 20 years.

(Both of these arguments have been presented, in one form or other on this list. While I don't agree with that, it seems to me that all you do in response to it is to tell everyone how wicked they are, which really doesn't help your case at all).

I believe it to be well within your capabilities now to counter such arguments effectively. You've recently had opportunities to do so and, presumably, these still exist. How about it!?

I would have thought that reminding _everyone_ how wicked we all are was an essential preliminary to introducing the _Good News_ of the Gospel! Are you not of this mind?

And then you say,

When I first wrote to you concerning your website, I asked you what it was FOR. (The numerical patternings). The overwhelming evidence, given the responses you have received from people on the list, and those I got from my colleague, I see that there is little point in presenting the findings (fascinating and an unresolved mystery though they are) to colleagues. It would be much better to present them the Gospel. But before even that, we have to get through the fact that the most visible thing evangelical Christians are doing at the moment is opposing Darwinism, and coming up with the most ridiculous pseudo-science to justify it. That gets in the way of the Gospel.

Let me deal with your last point first. Something I touched on in my first entry to this thread was to express the need for a proper understanding of Satan's role in the Divine Economy - and hence, by association, in the unfolding of human history. As I see it, you believe science is to be viewed completelyin terms of Methodological Naturalism; in other words, any suggestion of supernatural interference is to be stoutly resisted - even by a Christian like yourself. Chapters 1 and 2 of the Book of Job undermine this perception of the truth (and it is little wonder that these interesting accounts of meetings between the Lord and Satan have become primary targets for 'tooth extraction' by all watchful TEs!) Clearly, a Bible-destroying philosophy like Darwinism cannot allow the supernatural a foot in the door - for that might foster the alternative view that all believers in evolution are really the dupes of Satan; that evidences for an old earth are illusory, and so on. So, at the end of the day - now that the reality of the supernatural is confirmed - who really are the 'pseudo-scientists?

And, to return to your earlier point: I see the Gospel of Jesus Christ as properly existing within the context of a _pristine_ Word of God. I believe we now have the power and authority to root out the depredations of the past and restore confidence and faith in what God has provided for our eternal wellbeing. Iain, in your analysis of the phenomena in question, you said

    "3) The pattern is deliberate and is intentional Divine action for some purpose. "

I have suggested what that purpose is. Have you a better suggestion (or any)?

I believe you are making too much of my ignoring the Gospel. Surely, you must see that an essential adjunct to the Gospel is a Bible that people can read and trust. That has been my chief priority; in my view, the Gospel largely manages itself once that has been achieved.

And to Michael:

You write,

Tomorrow I shall preach on the Transfiguration (whose occurrence I believe in). I shall try to convince the congregation they need a changing vision and experience of Christ.

37x73 will be no help whatsoever

Michael, I trust your preaching received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and was a blessing to your congregation.

You are undoubtedly correct; 37x73 = 2701, and what follows, is not for _pulpit proclamation_. It is for the erudite _preacher_ rather than his flock. Really knowing that God is; that He is so able; and that He is so anxious to confirm what He has written for our eternal welfare; his faith should be strengthened and his resolve to proclaim the truth hardened. I trust you will eventually come to see things as I do, Michael.


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