Re: [asa] Designed Kangaroos?

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 16:26:09 EDT

Merv wrote;

Regarding Iain's concern, though, here is another actual historical event,
Peter. The world is taken to be flat because of a way of interpreting a
certain scripture. Martin Luther (I read recently -- but haven't
verified --
so you Luther experts please correct if necessary) apparently was adament in
his view that the earth must be flat because if it wasn't then the return of
Christ could not be witnessed by everyone on the globe simultaneously. This
was, to him, a clear case of Scripture needing to prevail over "current
wisdom". Now -- what happens when the evidence becomes overwhelming? What
tragedy if such a thing leads to loss of faith just because someone
their own understanding with Scripture itself! Or if the above example is a
false about Luther, the point still stands -- just substitute the immoveable
earth (supported by an straightforward reading of some psalms). The world
does move -- so somebody either adjusts their understanding of Scripture or
their faith is shaken. YECs today refuse to see any parallel here when they
should. It's a dangerous road for faith. Peter, you will no doubt point
that letting science determine all Truth is also dangerous to faith. And I
agree -- but that is only from science attempting to transcend its bounds to
become Science with a capital 'S'. To ignore or defy science, though, is to
court unnecessary danger, I think.

 Michael responds;

I am not prepared to read all of Luther's works to prove that he did not
believe in a flat earth, but at that time no educated person took the earth
as anything but spherical and very very few theologians from 30AD accepted
that the world was flat. This strikes me as an appalling case of ignorance
on someone's part to suggest this.

Luther is reported to be dismissive of Copernicus, but from a heliocentric
standpoint which was the majority view in Luther's lifetime.

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