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Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 16:16:35 EDT

A bit more on this from the Baraminology Study Group of YEC biologists meeting at Liberty College from the AIG site.

I must be cursed as I love deserts


The BSG is unique in that presentations at their conferences focus not only on scientific topics but theological and philosophical topics as well. The theme this year was "All Creation Groans: The Problem of Natural Evil." A sampling of the presentation titles appears below:
  a.. Thorns in the Metanarrative of the Bible: From the Curse of Eden to the Crown of Thorns
  b.. Were There Deserts Before the Curse?
  c.. Designed for Defense: Reptiles and Amphibians Thwarting Predators in a Fallen World
  d.. The Superiority of a Young-Age Creation Theodicy
  e.. Developing Serratia marcescens as a Model to Elucidate Aspects of Germ Genesis Exemplified by Mycobacterium lepra
The proceedings of the conference can be found here.

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    I don't see design and evolution in contradiction but I would want to ask why God designed the Ebola virus.

  Trivial. God designed the Ebola virus because a real man and a real woman ate a piece of fruit that they weren't supposed to in 4004BC.

  Really, Michael, you lack of knowledge is truly shocking!

  Maybe what's more shocking to some is that I don't believe my explanation.

  [ Ducks to avoid hail of rotten fruit ].


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