Re: [asa] Designed Kangaroos?

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 08:19:15 EDT

> Actually Iain, I did not mean what you appear to think I mean. I apologise
> for not being clear in the first place.
> If you read again what I said, it was* your *"stance in respect of bad
> things being literally due to…"

I read again what you said, and what I found was:

I find this stance in respect of 'bad things being literally due to one
historical woman and her husband eating a piece of fruit' to be very sad.

(italics mine).

I find it quite saddening that you're prepared to change what you yourself
wrote to make a point.

I accept that I misunderstood you, but given what you wrote, and not what
you're claiming to have written, it was understandable.

> You are free of course to reject your YEC friend's view of The Fall. But
> in so doing you raise absolutely huge questions about the entire record of
> redemption. Are you seriously suggesting that one can have a mythical Adam
> and a literal Christ? The parallelism fails. I think this Genesis 3
> 'myth' or 'figurative' interpretation needs some careful discussion and
> explaining. Indeed, I find it impossible to understand the flow of reasoning
> in 1 Corinthians 15 in any other way than demands a literal historical
> Fall as recorded in Genesis 3. A further sample of that account in 1 Cor.
> 15:21 (NIV) "For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the
> dead comes also through a man." is in harmony with 15:22.

I don't think it does demand a literal historical fall exactly as described
in Genesis 3. Paul could have been speaking figuratively (just as in David
O's Frodo example). Also note that the Greek language doesn't have the
indefinite article, so it is more ambiguous than the NIV with "a man":

epeidh gar di anqrwpou qanatoV, kai di anqrwpou anastasiV nekrwn:

(literally): since, for, through man death, also through man raising from
death. In Hebrew, "Adam" means "man".

Do we understand something in this matter that Paul didn't?

Perhaps it is that you are misunderstanding Paul?


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