[asa] NYTimes: In Games, an Insight Into the Rules of Evolution

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Carl Zimmer writes about the work of Martin Nowak in "In Games, an
Insight Into the Rules of Evolution"

A very interesting story of the evolution of cooperation. In addition
an interesting theological note

Dr. Nowak believes evolutionary biologists should study average
behavior rather than a few extreme cases of altruism. "Saintly
behavior is unfortunately not the norm," Dr. Nowak said. "The current
theory can certainly explain a population where some people act
extremely altruistically." That does not make Dr. Nowak an atheist,
however. "Evolution describes the fundamental laws of nature according
to which God chose to unfold life," he declared in March in a lecture
titled "Evolution and Christianity" at the Harvard Divinity School.
Dr. Nowak is collaborating with theologians there on a project called
"The Evolution and Theology of Cooperation," to help theologians
address evolutionary biology in their own work.

Dr. Nowak sometimes finds his scientific colleagues astonished when he
defends religion. But he believes the astonishment comes from a
misunderstanding of the roles of science and religion. "Like
mathematics, many theological statements do not need scientific
confirmation. Once you have the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, it's
not like we have to wait for the scientists to tell us if it's right.
This is it."


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