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"Christianist" and "Christianism" were recently coined (or at least
popularized) by gay republican activist Andrew Sullivan.

My Problem with Christianism - TIMESunday, May. 07, 2006 By ANDREW SULLIVAN.
Article Tools. Print . Email . Reprints. Are you a Christian who doesn't
feel represented by the religious right?,9171,1191826,00.html

WORLD Magazine | Weekly News, Christian ViewsWhat does the term
"Christianist" mean and why is Time peddling it? Time columnist Andrew
Sullivan uses the term to describe evangelicals with whom he ...


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Google gave me 6780 hits for "christianist." One from the CS Monitor
( is instructive. Inter


""Christianist" is evidently formed on the analogy of "Islamist." Islamist
is in the dictionaries meaning either an Islamic studies specialist or
simply an adherent of Islam - a Muslim.
Here's what Wikipedia says about "Islamism": "a political ideology derived
from the conservative religious views of Muslim fundamentalism. It holds
Islam is not only a religion, but also a political system that governs the
legal, economic, and social imperatives of the state."

"Islamist" is a term many Western journalists and scholars came to after
deciding that "fundamentalism," which they'd been using, wasn't quite
right - in part because it seemed to be an improper borrowing from

And so now, after the borrowed "fundamentalist" has been returned, perhaps
with polite thanks, to Protestantism, the "ism" of Islamism is being applied

to some Christians - the ones seen to be adherents of "Christianism," of
what we might call "political Christianity." Still with me?

Specifically, Christianists are linked with another "ism" - "dominionism" -
a political ideology that interprets a passage from Genesis (1:26) as
commanding Christians to bring societies under the rule of the Word of God."


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>> What's a Christianist?
>> Ham doesn't take the 9th commandment and several related passages
>> literally, not to mention the museum's Sunday hours clashing with the
>> 4th and the theological problems raising questions about the first
>> two.
>> If the author were trying to prove to Ham et al. that opposition to
>> the creation museum is merely politically motivated as cover for
>> liberal attacks on the Bible, he probably succeeded. If he's trying
>> to appear as an objective reviewer, he failed.
> I have seen the term "Christianist" used a few times before. I don't
> know the intent of this author, but in those cases it was meant to
> indicate a person whose beliefs were more rooted in a conservative
> cultural/social movement than in the Bible or the historic Christian
> faith. The term was used deliberately to distinguish a person's view as
> not being representative of Christianity.
> Keith
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