Re: [asa] YEC--What can we offer them? - What natural sciences don't study

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 2007 - 03:13:24 EDT

This should be in another thread.

Non-natural sciences, i.e. social-humanitarian
sciences. Culture, personality, meaning, value,
purpose, teleology, et al. Those things which natural
sciences don't study.
"should we be kept guessing as to the nature of these
mysterious concepts?"

Yes, you should keep guessing, keep asking, keep
searching. It is the only way you'll be able to
discover coherence for what eludes you. For me, as a
non-natural scientist/scholar, it is not difficult at
all. In fact, it is rather easy to understand, though
not entirely simple.

When you write 'THE NATURE OF' concepts, you are
begging an unsatisfactory answer. Concepts are not
merely natural. So what do you mean by speaking about
'the nature of' concepts?

Maybe go to Aristotle and Plato on forms and ideas
again. 'THE NATURE OF' nature is in as much dispute as
anything nowadays. And it is not even the natural
scientists themselves who are the best at defining
what 'nature' is, but the philosophers of science, or,
to be more precise, the philosophers of nature and
even the natural theologians who get closer to the
heart of the matter.

'One theory of evolution' - about variation and
fixation - yeah...right. And another says it's about
adaptation, and another that it's about
differentiation and another that it's about
modification and another that it's about selective
pressures and another that it's about survival, and
another that it's about struggle, etc. No one person
holds a monopoloy over the definition of evolution.
Darwin is passe, though his theories/contributions
live on in new garb. Likewise, it is nonsense to think
that biological evolution deserves some claim to
authority over all other types of evolutionary
theories. It deserves no such position of authority.


p.s. "there is only 'one theory' of evolution in the
sense that it all comes down to variation and
fixation. I am not sure if I ever stated that there is
one theory of evolution..." - Pim

You just stated it. - g.

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