Re: [asa] YEC--What can we offer them?

From: Merv <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 18:59:35 EDT

Gregory Arago wrote:
> Hello Christine,
> Given that in the discourse of evolution(ism), ID(ism)
> and creation(ism), where one can be an atheistic
> evolutionist, theistic evolutionist or agnostic
> evolutionist, an atheistic IDist, theistic IDist or
> agnostic IDist, an evolutionary creationist, agnostic
> creationist or theistic creationist (though these last
> two pairs are rarely named), constant debate,
> disagreement, bickering and even name calling exists,
> your question seems well-placed.
You forgot creationist atheists. (For the really confused.)

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