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You missed the immovable earth (I think last held by some Lutherans) and
the ruminant hares and hyrax.

In answer to Gregory's question, the answer is to check it against the
purpose of scripture in II Timothy 3:16. Not included is science, for

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For starters, most YECs don't read the Bible "lterally." If they did,
they'd realize that there were 2 different creation accounts in Genesis,
that the flood story is a conflation of a couple of different accounts
&c. In fact, a few years ago - I think on this list but perhaps another
discussion group - I was told by a YEC that I was being "too literal"
when I pointed out that the "literal" chronologies of Gen. 1 & 2 didn't
& then there's the fact that most YECs, when faced with texts like "this
is my body" or "born again of water and the Spirit," insist that they are
"not to be taken literally." Of course one can argue for that view but
it ill befits someone who insists that a literal reading of scripture is
Of course you're right - we need more than just criticism of YEC views.
A positive presentation is needed - and there are plenty of them
> > > Hi all, > > All the critiquing of the YEC folks got me >
thinking...while our criticisms are very important to > maintain the
integrity of the science and the faith, > what positive
alternatives/perspectives can we offer > them? More specifically, one of
the questions I think > they often ask, and I think is a geniunely valid
one, > is, if you don't take the Bible literally, HOW in > general
(thinking mental framework, not specific > passages) do we discern what
is to be taken literally > and what isn't? Particularly from the vantage
point of > a lay person who isn't a scientist or a Biblical > historian?
> > I know we all have our viewpoints on this, which have > been
expressed in variety of different places, but > thinking of those readers
who happen upon our website > and maybe aren't familiar with us or our
perspectives, > it might be nice to consolidate such views, resources, >
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George L. Murphy

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