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<p>For starters, most YECs don't read the Bible &quot;lterally.&quot;  If they did, they'd realize that there were 2 different creation accounts in Genesis, that the flood story is a conflation of a couple of different accounts &amp;c.  In fact, a few years ago - I think on this list but perhaps another discussion group - I was told by a YEC that I was being &quot;too literal&quot; when I pointed out that the &quot;literal&quot; chronologies of Gen. 1 &amp; 2 didn't agree!</p><p>&amp; then there's the fact that most YECs, when faced with texts like &quot;this is my body&quot; or &quot;born again of water and the Spirit,&quot; insist that they are &quot;not to be taken literally.&quot;  Of course one can argue for that view but it ill befits someone who insists that a literal reading of scripture is essential.</p><p>Of course you're right - we need more than just criticism of YEC views.  A positive presentation is needed - and there are plenty of them available.</p><p>Shalom,<
 /p><p>George</p><p>&gt; &gt; &gt; Hi all, &gt; &gt; All the critiquing of the YEC folks got me &gt; thinking...while our criticisms are very important to &gt; maintain the integrity of the science and the faith, &gt; what positive alternatives/perspectives can we offer &gt; them? More specifically, one of the questions I think &gt; they often ask, and I think is a geniunely valid one, &gt; is, if you don't take the Bible literally, HOW in &gt; general (thinking mental framework, not specific &gt; passages) do we discern what is to be taken literally &gt; and what isn't? Particularly from the vantage point of &gt; a lay person who isn't a scientist or a Biblical &gt; historian? &gt; &gt; I know we all have our viewpoints on this, which have &gt; been expressed in variety of different places, but &gt; thinking of those readers who happen upon our website &gt; and maybe aren't familiar with us or our perspectives, &gt; it might be nice to consolidate such views, resources, &gt;
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