[asa] YEC--What can we offer them?

From: Christine Smith <christine_mb_smith@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 17:00:52 EDT

Hi all,

All the critiquing of the YEC folks got me
thinking...while our criticisms are very important to
maintain the integrity of the science and the faith,
what positive alternatives/perspectives can we offer
them? More specifically, one of the questions I think
they often ask, and I think is a geniunely valid one,
is, if you don't take the Bible literally, HOW in
general (thinking mental framework, not specific
passages) do we discern what is to be taken literally
and what isn't? Particularly from the vantage point of
a lay person who isn't a scientist or a Biblical

I know we all have our viewpoints on this, which have
been expressed in variety of different places, but
thinking of those readers who happen upon our website
and maybe aren't familiar with us or our perspectives,
it might be nice to consolidate such views, resources,
etc. into a single thread?

Have at it! :D

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