Re: [asa] ICR's GENE project

From: David Buller <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 13:26:12 EDT

On 6/28/07, David Campbell <> wrote:
> If they accepted the sample and didn't notice
> anything unusual about it, or noticed but fudged the data or analysis,
> then I think one could honestly use such an approach to debunk their
> effort.

I can't help but to think that this would be quite an interesting way to
test ICR science. Someone ought to give it a go. Pretty amusing.

Also, doesn't ICR remember the scientific method? After reading their
article, I felt like reminding them that you generally make your conclusions
*after *you have looked at the data, not before. ICR is basically saying
"we're going to do the GENE project, and we're going to find out that
evolution is *wrong*!" Nice little inversion of the scientific method :-)

-David B.

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