Re: [asa] Creatio museum

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 11:08:13 EDT

> What's a Christianist?
> Ham doesn't take the 9th commandment and several related passages
> literally, not to mention the museum's Sunday hours clashing with the
> 4th and the theological problems raising questions about the first
> two.
> If the author were trying to prove to Ham et al. that opposition to
> the creation museum is merely politically motivated as cover for
> liberal attacks on the Bible, he probably succeeded. If he's trying
> to appear as an objective reviewer, he failed.

I have seen the term "Christianist" used a few times before. I don't
know the intent of this author, but in those cases it was meant to
indicate a person whose beliefs were more rooted in a conservative
cultural/social movement than in the Bible or the historic Christian
faith. The term was used deliberately to distinguish a person's view
as not being representative of Christianity.


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