[asa] Review of Behe in Nature

From: David Campbell <pleuronaia@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 19:13:04 EDT

The review by Ken Miller is in the June 28 Nature. It focuses on the
error of assuming that very specific, simultaneous multiple mutations
are necessary to acheive significant evolutionary change.

A challenge with regard to treating young-earth and ID advocates as
fellow Christians is the need to distinguish between "your argument is
no good" and "you are no good." Differences in personality and
general attitude to debate complicate this. In academia, tossing out
arguments, seeing if they fly, and going back to correct and refine
them is commonplace, and one may learn to not be too attached to a
particular idea. However, others take rejection of an argument
personally. In the review, Miller gives Behe's arguments a hard time,
though both are apparently faithful Roman Catholics. Does it come off
as attacking Behe himself? That will depend on how closely you
identify him with his arguments.

I agree that it is very important to convey that faith is more
important than views on age and means of creation, or views on
anything else for that matter. However, much in popular YEC and ID is
harmful to Christian faith, both bad theology and the discrediting
associated with bad science.

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