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The web site for the NEW YORKER article on the museum is


The article begins:
A few miles west of Cincinnati, near the northern Kentucky town of
Petersburg, there’s a gleaming new monument to Christianist ideology
called the Creation Museum. It was built by an Australian Biblical
literalist named Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, at a cost of
twenty-seven million dollars, raised mostly in small donations. It opened
over Memorial Day weekend with a blast of media attention (Edward
Rothstein wrote two pieces about it for the New York Times), and since
then ten thousand people a week have been flocking to its exhibits. Last
Sunday, on a visit to my in-laws in Lexington, I joined them.
The sixty-thousand-square-foot museum mimics the language, layout, and
technical effects of state-of-the-art science museums: mastodon fossils
and mineral crystals, soaring dioramas of life-size animatronic
dinosaurs, several movie theatres, conference rooms, cafés, even a
planetarium, and an echoing soundtrack of bird calls. But, as you pay
your $19.95 and walk through the entry hall, there are clues that this is
all a sophisticated sham.
Many of the quarter of a million people expected to visit the Creation
Museum by the end of the year will be children. They will be
indoctrinated into an ideology that systematically warps their
understanding of the physical world and fills them with hostility toward
the facts and concepts of modernity. As we have learned over the past few
years, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be outcasts and failures. A great
political party has largely abased itself before their world view and
offered them unprecedented access to government power. The Creation
Museum, a combination of a natural-history museum and a Communist Party
propaganda center, will help to arm and arouse the next generation of
Christianists in the ongoing war against secular and scientific America.
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