Re: [asa] ICR's GENE project

From: Robert Schneider <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 07:55:33 EDT

I would not call scientific activities of these sorts "wishful thinking."
Stacked up against the numerous successes, it is not surprising that there
would be a few dead ends and even fewer hoaxes. E.g., the fact that
creationists CONSTANTLY use the Pildown hoax as an example of phony science
is a measure of how few there are, and of course it was scientists
themselves who exposed the hoax.

I say, let the creationists have at it. Let them spend another 1.25 million
on it. And I hope someone takes up David's suggestions and sends in a few
anonymous samples from other species, especially primates. The donor could
say, "These are from my nehpew." (Someone who delights in the phrase, "Well,
I'll be a monkey's uncle.")

Bob Schneider

On 6/27/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> At 04:32 PM 6/27/2007, David Buller wrote:
> The president's corner also said:
> "The plan is to focus on analyzing the human genome, demonstrating the
> certainty that man and the animals have no common ancestor. A second goal is
> to establish the limits of the created "kind," delineating the limits of
> biological adaptation. I really do feel that in genomics we can conclusively
> show that "evolution by modification from a common ancestor" did not
> happen! ..."
> *"..Paragraph one is merely fantasizing. .." ~ *David Buller
> *@ *As is "a lot of science", according to lain. :)
> *"..I pointed out that a lot of science was a case of wishful thinking,
> and that the more you wanted a thing to be true the less careful you were
> about the controls on your research. *I gave the "Cold Fusion" fiasco as
> an example. Here a lot of money was wasted at Harwell labs, where I used to
> work, attempting to replicate Pons and Fleishmann's results. If P&F hadn't
> been so excited about the prospect of solving the world's energy needs maybe
> that money could have been saved. But it now seems ironic to me that there
> is now *an embarrassing example of what was perhaps wishful thinking in
> the publication of this "flashy" result in a peer reviewed journal. " ~ Iain
> Strachan* Wed, 25 Apr 2007 Re: [asa] Building a flagellum step by step
> ~ Janice

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