Re: [asa] ICR's GENE project

From: David Buller <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 2007 - 16:32:11 EDT

The president's corner also said:

"The plan is to focus on analyzing the human genome, demonstrating the
certainty that man and the animals have no common ancestor. A second goal is
to establish the limits of the created "kind," delineating the limits of
biological adaptation. I really do feel that in genomics we can conclusively
show that "evolution by modification from a common ancestor" did not happen!

The GENE project, as did the RATE project before it, began with a time of
concentrated prayer. Collectively and individually, the scientists recognize
that unless God blesses them with insights and success, nothing of lasting
value will result. With His help, the satanic stronghold of evolution can be
breached. "


Has anything "of lasting value" resulted from the RATE project?

I am looking forward (although not expecting) this concrete biological
definition of a "kind." That way we can all know what evolution is okay and
what is "satanic." Paragraph one is merely fantasizing. This will be

-David Buller

On 6/27/07, Carol or John Burgeson <> wrote:
> An example of one of ICR's research projects. The protocol seems a bit
> flaky! The text below is taken from page 6 of the July ACTS AND FACTS.
> Burgy
> ----------------------
> "Do you have cousins?
> Would you like to participate in the ICR GENE Project?
> The ICR GENE team is studying variation in the human mitochrondrial
> genome. We are currently seeking people and their maternally related
> cousins to participate. If you have a cousin and would like to help by
> donating a few of your cheek cells, please call ... . We will provide the
> materials you need and instructions on how to collect the cells and mail
> them back to ICR. ... ."
> -----------------------
> Cheeks, of course, refer to two separate parts of the human anatomy. It
> is tempting ... .
> Naw.
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