Re: [asa] ICR's GENE project

From: George L. <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 2007 - 13:50:22 EDT

<p>I think that Bergson got the Nobel for literature - though he wrote about evolution (among other things).  I have his <u>Creative Evolution</u> but haven't read it.  I think he may have had some influence on Teilhard's views.</p><p>Shalom, George</p><p>&gt; &gt; &gt; George commented: &quot;Let me guess the result of this project:  All human &gt; beings are descended from a single couple who lived in the middle east around &gt; 6000 years ago. If this is correct, please spell my name correctly when you &gt; nominate me for a Nobel Prize.&quot; &gt; I did not realize you were heading up this glorious experiment! <g />&gt; You and Bergson (Nobel Prize, 1927) can share the honors (Bergson got the &gt; prize for proposing a different mechanism for evolution than natural selection. &gt; His stuff still reads very well but modern thinking has now bypassed it). &gt; Burgy &gt;   &gt; &gt; </p>
George L. Murphy

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