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<p>Let me guess the result of this project:  All human beings are descended from a single couple who lived in the middle east around 6000 years ago.</p><p>If this is correct, please spell my name correctly when you nominate me for a Nobel Prize.</p><p>George L. Murphy</p><p>&gt; &gt; &gt; An example of one of ICR's research projects. The protocol seems a bit &gt; flaky! The text below is taken from page 6 of the July ACTS AND FACTS. &gt; &gt; Burgy &gt; &gt; ---------------------- &gt; &gt; &quot;Do you have cousins? &gt; Would you like to participate in the ICR GENE Project? &gt; &gt; The ICR GENE team is studying variation in the human mitochrondrial &gt; genome. We are currently seeking people and their maternally related &gt; cousins to participate. If you have a cousin and would like to help by &gt; donating a few of your cheek cells, please call ... . We will provide the &gt; materials you need and instructions on how to collect the cells and mail &gt; them back to ICR.
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