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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 17:41:22 EDT

Some funny ultra-evang church from Preston has been dumping stuff in my
churches. Viz photocopies of Hovinds materials and they kindly left a CD,
which I started to watch!

It was a bit off to find Hovind's $250000offer in my pulpit. I had to try to
explain it to members who haven't a clue what creationism is! They couldn't
believe it when I told them where Hovind lived except I thought it was
Florida and not SC.

I personally don't have much hope that CMI will be better on science.
Sarfati has a long way to go to get rid of junk science


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>I agree, and we can see this being worked out in the history of AIG.
> They have gone through successive house-cleaning. They started with a
> wide variety of creationists that differed in their creation models and
> "accessory" beliefs such as their eschatological views. Now they have
> cleaned house and have been left with essentially a group of highly
> like-minded individuals (all like Ken Ham naturally) that have less
> interest in science and are more dominated by the evangelical outreach
> component. It really has become a ministry rather than a creation
> science organization. It is CMI that is composed of people that seem to
> have a real interest in doing, or at least talking about, science and
> testing models. If you look through the board of directors at AIG you
> will find they are dominated by pastors while the CMI board are mostly
> Ph.D (maybe of dubious quality) scientists. The recent splash by AIG
> that they have hired Snelling is just a public front to make them appear
> as if they are scientifically relevant but in reality they are just
> users (and abusers) of published data for their mission which has
> morphed far from addressing the issue of the age of the earth.
> Joel
> Quoting "Duff,Robert Joel" <>:
>> It seems that Ham's approach to
>> other YEC organizations is to not reveal dissent within the ranks but
> to show
>> a unified front to the lay Christian.
> It's an age-old (centuries old) difference between two approaches to
> apprehending truth: the authoritarian model (let us sweat it out
> behind
> locked doors, and then we'll come forth and proclaim to all you
> Christian
> masses what you should consider true), and the more recent scientific (&
> democratic) model: stop being lazy and exert your own intellectual
> sweat.
> It sounds like the CMI leans towards the second, while the lay YEC in
> the U.S.
> is more comfortable with the first.
> --Merv
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