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From: Duff,Robert Joel <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 16:09:29 EDT

I agree, and we can see this being worked out in the history of AIG.
They have gone through successive house-cleaning. They started with a
wide variety of creationists that differed in their creation models and
"accessory" beliefs such as their eschatological views. Now they have
cleaned house and have been left with essentially a group of highly
like-minded individuals (all like Ken Ham naturally) that have less
interest in science and are more dominated by the evangelical outreach
component. It really has become a ministry rather than a creation
science organization. It is CMI that is composed of people that seem to
have a real interest in doing, or at least talking about, science and
testing models. If you look through the board of directors at AIG you
will find they are dominated by pastors while the CMI board are mostly
Ph.D (maybe of dubious quality) scientists. The recent splash by AIG
that they have hired Snelling is just a public front to make them appear
as if they are scientifically relevant but in reality they are just
users (and abusers) of published data for their mission which has
morphed far from addressing the issue of the age of the earth.

Quoting "Duff,Robert Joel" <>:

> It seems that Ham's approach to
> other YEC organizations is to not reveal dissent within the ranks but
to show
> a unified front to the lay Christian.

It's an age-old (centuries old) difference between two approaches to
apprehending truth: the authoritarian model (let us sweat it out
locked doors, and then we'll come forth and proclaim to all you
masses what you should consider true), and the more recent scientific (&

democratic) model: stop being lazy and exert your own intellectual
It sounds like the CMI leans towards the second, while the lay YEC in
the U.S.
is more comfortable with the first.


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