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Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 14:59:04 EDT


Do you honestly believe what you read on Freerepublic. Whenever it deals
with Europe it is simply inaccurate and bigoted. So I do not know the truth
of that jailed Lutheran pastor, but doubt whether the report from
Freerepublic or Demski's rant are true. Fortunately I know that it is not
typical of Americans as a whole who tend to be far more sensible and
balanced, like most who post here including Pim.

It is very difficult to feel a bond with other Christians who rubbish fellow
Christians as do O'Leary and Dembski on uncommon descent, or when Nelson
rubbished my late Christian friend Arthur Peacocke, or when AIG types
rubbish all sorts including Davis Young etc etc.

Can you explain to me why so many Creationists whether YE or ID seem to
consider it is their divine calling to speak so unlovingly about their
Christian brothers and sisters, and at times doubt their faith in Christ


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Subject: YEC and ID may be fellow brethren was -Re: [asa] Secularist

> Pim,
> Really it is responses like this that make me wonder how deep your faith
> commitment is and
> if you really can feel a bond in Christ to fellow Christians who take
> stands you disagree with.
> For pity's sake the article Janice cites starts talking about a Lutheran
> pastor jailed because he compared abortion with
> the holocaust. While comparing it to the holocaust is inflamentory, many
> Christians myself included would see
> abortion as taking the life of unborn people and something abhorrent in
> the sight of God.
> And I again resent your making general labels that do not fit all
> Creationists or ID. I am a Creationists (not a young earth variety but so
> what) and know and appreciate some ID people and don't need to ALWAYS hear
> you pick on them. As you well know they are not all of the same stripe.
> You are not enabling communication with brethren some of whom might be
> helped by ASA but I would hesitate to have them post hear because of the
> way some slam them.
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>>>> On 6/25/2007 at 11:12 PM, in message
> <>, PvM <>
> wrote:
>> A bit misleading. Europe silences creationists in education. I am sure
>> that the nuance may have been lost on our dear friend and sister
>> Janice :-)
>> I find it encouraging that Europe takes a clear stance on creationism
>> and public education. In addition, Europe seems to have correctly
>> classified Intelligent Design as a form of creationism. So nothing
>> really much about silencing creationists.
>> On 6/25/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
>>> Back in town for a short stint - so will take a few minutes to post a
>>> few
>>> items of interest to some, I'm sure. :)
>>> [1] Secularist Europe Silences ... Creationists
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