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There are plenty of criticisms of ID from scientific standpoints & I won't repeat those. One other serious failing of the ID movement is its failure, & even refusal, to discuss theological issues connected with its claims. The key word there is "discuss." ID proponents are quite happy to make theological statements in opposition to Darwinian evolution (& sometimes evolution period) & in favor of distinctive ID ideas. But they will not engage in genuine dialogue about relevant theological matters & may even deny that religion has anything to do with the matter - a clearly preposterous position, given many statements by Johnson, Dembski, Wells, &c.

There are a couple of articles of mine that do address the theological problems of ID. One was originally published in Covalence but is now best accessed at . The other is a revised version of the paper "Intelligent Design as a Theological Problem" which I gave at the 2005 ASA meeting & which is now published as Seminary Ridge Review 8.2, 44, 2006.

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  Hi, y'all,

  I am in the midst of research for an annotated essay on the Intelligent Design Movement. There are several themes that I plan to include, but I'm writing to ask members of the list (and you lurkers out there) what points you think are important to be made in a survey type essay on this topic. Regulars know what my general views on ID are, but I want to do justice to the topic and not overlook anything of essential importance. Feel free to post your ideas to the list or send a private reply. Bibliography outside of the well-known publications by IDers and their critics would also be welcome.

  Bob Schneider

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