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From: Meyer, Kenneth A <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 03:50:09 EDT

Not sure quite what to make of your comments (particularly the words "veiled" and "compliment", but I'll dive in with the best of intentions. Please forgive my rough first post to ASA. I've lurked for a few months and although I feel pretty comfortable with the tone and content, I'm also very aware of the rather frequent conflict and will always attempt to avoid stepping on others' toes (even when I fail).

First off, I'm Canadian and while Hovind and creationism are more prominent in the United States of America, they're by no means restricted to the USA as I'm sure you're aware. I've often used "Americans" as a term for North Americans but since people from the states often misinterpret it as solely citizens of the United States, I thought I'd clarify. Anyway, I'll be sure to look up that film as soon as I find some time.

Maybe I'm na´ve (I'd hardly rule it out) but I've found that people I've met who would identify themselves as creationist or YEC and that are willing to discuss their beliefs openly are rather unlikely to follow Hovind. I don't particularly associate willful ignorance with YEC but it's hard not to be aware of Hovind's tax evasion or to support it unless one only looks to sources near to Hovind himself.

I too watched Hovind's videos without the slightest suspicion that he had a history with the IRS. I wouldn't expect people to look into the criminal background of every preacher or lecturer they come across and would never label that as willful ignorance. When the public figure in question is convicted of tax evasion, however, signing a petition to exonerate him without looking carefully at the facts is much more indicative of the culture of apathy I've noticed during my life in the Americas (if you'll excuse my use of the term).

Ken M.

Ken M. - If you'll please excuse the veiled
compliment, I do believe that your comments are
amongst the most reflexive I've witnessed at ASA in
the past few years. Actually including
yourself/ourselves in the topic of discussion is an
important step to make for 'objectivistic' scientists
who would oftentimes rather separate the person from
the 'scientific' message. And though I might normally
take offense, or at least exception, at your statement
about "us Americans" as meaning "(North Americans
really)," there is only the need to watch an animated
film by Frederick Back (accent two e's aigu) to see
the difference (e.g. Le Fleuve aux Grandes Eaux). -
Regards, Gregory A.
p.s. at a time past, I listened to Hovind's 'tapes'
out of curiosity, and I was not aware of his tax
evasion...ignorance and xenophobia, them's strong
words - isn't Ken H. just a good ole' boy, with a
post-Scopes type of mission? 
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