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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 03:23:25 EDT

Ken M. - If you'll please excuse the veiled
compliment, I do believe that your comments are
amongst the most reflexive I've witnessed at ASA in
the past few years. Actually including
yourself/ourselves in the topic of discussion is an
important step to make for 'objectivistic' scientists
who would oftentimes rather separate the person from
the 'scientific' message. And though I might normally
take offense, or at least exception, at your statement
about "us Americans" as meaning "(North Americans
really)," there is only the need to watch an animated
film by Frederick Back (accent two e's aigu) to see
the difference (e.g. Le Fleuve aux Grandes Eaux). -
Regards, Gregory A.

p.s. at a time past, I listened to Hovind's 'tapes'
out of curiosity, and I was not aware of his tax
evasion...ignorance and xenophobia, them's strong
words - isn't Ken H. just a good ole' boy, with a
post-Scopes type of mission?

--- "Meyer, Kenneth A" <>

> In my experience, the vast majority of Hovind's
> supporters were not aware of his tax evasion. It's
not a matter of them supporting tax evasion, but
Hovind and friends have put out a
> number of extremely well written propaganda pieces
about how they were stalked by tax goons who didn't
obey their own laws, how Hovind was assaulted by one
> You don't see much of it in communities like this
where people join to discuss the issues because his
supporters largely couldn't be bothered to question
their beliefs or those who preach their beliefs. I
should also be clear that I in no way attribute this
apathy to Hovind's
> message. The sad fact is that a good portion of us
Americans (North
> Americans really) are quite apathetic about seeking
truth and would
> rather use beliefs to separate "us" and "them" so
the distinction is
> clear and comfortable. I firmly believe that Hovind
uses and encourages this type of willful ignorance and
xenophobia though I think the apathy is ingrained in
our culture and not a product of Hovind-type
> Ken M.

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