Re: [asa] AIG Lawsuit

From: Craig Rusbult <>
Date: Sat Jun 23 2007 - 11:24:31 EDT

    Dick's news story says,
>Answers in Genesis is in the news again, due to a lawsuit filed against
>the young-earth creationist ministry in the Supreme Court of Queensland,
>Australia, by a rival ministry.

    The YEC "trueorigin" website has links at

    Under "Creation Science Organizations & Institutions" they list
Creation Ministries International, plus Creation Research Society,
Institute for Creation Research, and Biblical Creation Society (UK), but
not Answers in Genesis. The page has 20 links in 7 categories, including
"Places to Go" where they link to Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum (Joe Taylor) and
Dinosaur Valley State Park (Paluxy River Tracks) but not AIG's Creation
Museum ("the only place with tickets to the Garden of Eden").
    Do you think the absence of AIG is an oversight or intentional?

AIG has a "history of AiG-U.S." from 1979 to early-2007, including the
split from AIG-Australia.


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