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You have also got the submissions to senate by various religious groups
earlier this month

Calvin Beisner's ideas feature heavily in the last week's US
Senate hearings "An Examination of the Views of Religious Organizations
Regarding Global Warming." Thursday, June 7, 2007

3 of 7 witnesses refer favourably to Beisner, indeed Russell Moore,
Dean of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
appends to his submission a new article by Calvin Beisner
("...Biblico-Theological Aspects of the Global Warming Debate" April 2007)
and historian D Barton separately submitted two items co-written by
Beisner and Senator James Inhofe refers to one.

Several of these are anti-warming and rely heavily on Beisner's approach
with his odd exegesis of wilderness and garden , insistence that the Fall
resulted in a curse and dislocation of the natural order and that all the
oil and coal were deposited in the Flood.

That says nothing for Beisner who knows no science and less for the SBC.

All this confirms that too many evangelicals have deluded themselves by bad
science and theology to let the earth rot.


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> Thought the forum might be interested in these:
> Southern Baptists Question Human Role in Global
> Warming; Say Regulations Hurt -
> Poor
> Papers show Isaac Newton's religious side -
> Christine
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