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From: Steven M Smith <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 2007 - 20:00:06 EDT

Don wrote:
> I bow to Steve's superior expertise in assessing the significance of
> Snelling's work. However, I would like to add the comment that the last
> of the "10 good publications" looks to me like a review paper, and the
> four next to last have Snelling's name last on the list of three
> authors. This suggests to me that in each case the first two authors of
> the paper may have been reassessing and extending some basic earlier
> work by Snelling.


Thanks for the homage! However, I don't claim any superior expertise.
<grin!> (You are making me blush.)

You bring up a very good point about the "end" of Snelling's conventional
geology career. It certainly looks like Snelling basically has one good
extended study to his credit and when that opportunity was finished, so
was his conventional geology career.

Snelling's last paper could be considered as a review, but it is an
invited article in a two-volume Monograph that probably sits on the shelf
in most major geological survey libraries, most major mining companies, or
almost every economic geologist working in the Australia region. The copy
that I checked out of our Denver library has been well used (semi-broken
spine and well thumbed pages). Whenever someone mentions that deposit in
the literature, it will probably be Snelling's 'review' article that is
cited. That's an honor I haven't achieved and I respect that.

This is my fourth post for the day -- a rarity for me -- and so I'll be
signing off.

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