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From: Don Nield <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 2007 - 19:18:20 EDT

I bow to Steve's superior expertise in assessing the significance of
Snelling's work. However, I would like to add the comment that the last
of the "10 good publications" looks to me like a review paper, and the
four next to last have Snelling's name last on the list of three
authors. This suggests to me that in each case the first two authors of
the paper may have been reassessing and extending some basic earlier
work by Snelling.

Steven M Smith wrote:
> Don wrote:
> > Thank you, Steve, for that detailed information. I have now checked
> > Plimer's book. Plimer mentions that the work on uranium deposits in
> > Australia was the topic of Snelling's PhD thesis. It appears that
> > Snelling's legitimate scientific articles were all based on his
> doctoral
> > work, while his YEC papers are indeed on disjunct topics that are
> > amenable to a YEC interpretation.
> Don,
> Although not in GEOREF, I found a citation to Snelling's PhD thesis in
> one of his papers. I may be misreading your comment but I suspect
> that Snelling continued to work on the Koongarra and related uranium
> deposits for while after his doctoral thesis. Not many people can get
> 10 good publications by just rewriting parts of their dissertation for
> the next decade. The range of topics and number of co-authors also
> suggest continued work and expansion of ideas. However, you are
> correct in that it appears Snelling's research never moved on from the
> general locality and immediate topic of his doctoral research. Not
> much career growth. His last few papers identify him as a Consulting
> Geologist (i.e. self-employed and looking for work) working from the
> address (PO Box 302, Sunnybank, Qld, 4109); which happens to be
> identical with the address for the Australian Creation Science
> Foundation.
> Although I disagree with Snelling's YEC writings and fail to
> understand the mental disconnect between his simultaneous work in
> conventional geology and YEC geology, I must give credit where it is
> due -- those 10 publications appear to be solid science and should be
> recognized as such. I wish I could say the same for his RATE research
> ... but we have already discussed that.
> Steve
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> post.]
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