Re: [asa] AIG announcement

From: Steven M Smith <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 2007 - 15:06:25 EDT

Michael asks:
<<Is the paper Snelling did with Mackay the only real geological Paper(?)
produced by MacKay...?>>
It is the only one that is listed under "J.B. MacKay" or "John B. MacKay"
in a search of the GEOREF Bibliographic database; which, though not
exhaustive, does cover most of the standard professional journals, books,
monographs, and government publications since 1693 as well as a few lessor
recognized journals like "Origins (Loma Linda)". There are a number of
"John Mackay" or "J. Mackay" authored articles but most of these either
deal with "U.S. water resources" or "Canadian permafrost studies".

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