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Date: June 18, 2007
From: Focus on the Family Action

Human DNA More Complex Than Was Thought

Discovery a nod toward intelligent design.

Studies taking a deeper look into the human genome have revealed that
human DNA is up to five times more complicated than researchers had

Portions of the human genome that scientists said had no function –
dubbed "junk DNA" – had been claimed to be evidence of the randomness of
evolution. But studies now reveal that what was thought to be "junk" has
purpose and could help scientists understand more of how life works and
how diseases can be cured.

Michael Snyder, a biology professor at Yale University, said the
complexity was not immediately apparent.

“Analyzing the human genome is a lot like looking at a sports car," he
explained. "When you first look at it, it looks pretty simple and
elegant, but as soon as you start prodding around under the hood, you
realize exactly how complicated this is.”

Backers of evolution have held up so-called junk DNA as evidence against
intelligent design. Casey Luskin with the Intelligent Design and
Evolution Awareness Center told Family News in Focus the new research is
welcome news.

"Intelligent design is actually being vindicated, because we’re
discovering that it’s actually the Darwinists who are wrong on this
point," he said. " 'Junk DNA' is not 'junk.' ”

Luskin added that some scientists used to believe other parts of the
human body had no purpose, including the appendix and wisdom teeth.

“Now they’ve realized that this evolutionary assumption that our bodies
are full of just sort of functionless junk is a very bad one," he said.
"This is a strike against evolution.”

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