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<p>So how does this &quot;expose&quot; evolution?</p><p>Shalom,</p><p>George</p><p>&gt; &gt; &gt; Email rec'd today: &gt;   &gt; Date: June 18, 2007 From: &gt;, Inc. Evolution Exposed By Christian Community &gt; HOUSTON, Texas, June 18 /Christian Newswire/ --, the &gt; world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly pages loads &gt; recently conducted a poll asking participants to decide whether Creationism or &gt; Evolution should be taught to children in the classroom. Participants could also &gt; cast a vote in favor of both being taught or for neither choice. Voters were &gt; given the opportunity to comment about their selection. Because ChristiaNet's &gt; Internet community consists largely of people who claim to follow the Christian &gt; faith, the results of the poll were surprising. Out of 527 participants, &gt; 269 believed that Creationism should be taught in the classroom. This figure &gt; represents just more than half
  of those taking the poll. Only 14 voted for an &gt; Evolution-only approach to teaching children about the beginnings and &gt; development of mankind. Thirty-four said the topic should not be discussed in &gt; school and avoided all together. The most surprising number, however, was the &gt; 210 participants who believed children should learn both theories. This number &gt; may represent an indecisiveness about Creationism among those who claim to be &gt; Christians. One voter supporting the &quot;both&quot; category stated, &gt; &quot;Creationism should be taught to believers and Evolution to non-believers &gt; because of diverse religious backgrounds.&quot; A supporter of the &quot;neither category&quot; &gt; asked, &quot;If highly educated people can't decide - why confuse children?&quot; &gt; Those who were firm on their stance, choosing either the teachings of &gt; Creationism or Evolution also had comments. A Pro-Creationism participated &gt; stated, &quot;Evolution h
 as been disproved many times.&quot; Another said, &quot;Evolution does &gt; not make sense, if we evolved from apes, why do they still exist today?&quot; And, an &gt; Evolution supporter commented, &quot;Evolution is documented and has &gt; provable/testable evidence.&quot; &quot;We find it interesting that just under &gt; half of those polled find some credibility in the theories of Evolution,&quot; stated &gt; ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper. &quot;Much of the information on evolution in &gt; the textbooks has been proven wrong or cannot be proven at all.&quot; &gt; ChristiaNet's research found that most states do not have laws &gt; prohibiting Creationism from being taught in schools, requiring that only &gt; factual information be presented. Creationism is the teaching that all life was &gt; and is created by God. Evolution teaches that life originated from the big &gt; bang. &gt;   &gt; Burgy &gt; </p>

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