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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 2007 - 13:39:18 EDT

> ICON-RIDS: Non-Religious ID Scientists and Scholars

> It will be interesting to see how the National Center for Science Education
> Selling Evolution deals with the growing number of non-religious ID
> proponents. Check out the following link:
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It's not clear from that website if anyone cited is an actual
proponent of ID (might eventually find one via links), nor are the
examples numerous (even counting the invalid ones like the Encore junk
DNA results).

Dembski has a valid complaint that many people would a priori reject
ID because it violates their religious presuppositions (e.g., certain
atheists). However, one may also object to the ID movement because
one thinks it has significant theological or scientific problems,
despite being open to the possibility of intelligent agency within the
physical world.

If they were paying attention, ICON-RIDS ought to raise red flags for
those who think ID is a Christian apologetic.

NCSE will have no problem about non-religious ID advocates. While
they often produce material reflecting limited comprehension of
evangelical Christianity, they are not trying to attack religion and
do not care what the religious views are of those favoring bad or good

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